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Middle East News: This is the directory of Middle East news sources and news feeds. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the real news about Middle East events, as opposed to spin. So we decided to create this listing of news sources and news feeds that may provide informative news coverage and commentary on the region, including news on Israel, or Israel tourism news, Jordan, Lebanon coverage, Egypt all the way to Morocco and Dubai at the regional ends. We do not review particular stories on any of the sites listed, or the sites themselves, so you enter the sites and read the stories at your own risk! However, we desire to provide a valuable resource for people looking for good Middle East news sources. 



Latest News

Turkey to hand over Russia pilot's body
Turkey is preparing to send back to Russia the body of the pilot killed after his plane was shot down on the Syrian border by Turkish forces. Sun, 29 Nov 2015 16:05:18 GMT

Iran seeks $30bn of new oil contracts
Iran overhauls the way in which it offers contracts to foreign energy companies in a bid to attract up to $30bn of new investment. Sun, 29 Nov 2015 11:31:01 GMT

Iranian women's fight for freedom
Why Iranian women are freer than most in the Middle East Sun, 29 Nov 2015 00:19:29 GMT

Mass Yazidi grave found in north Iraq
A booby-trapped mass grave feared to hold more than 100 bodies is found near Sinjar, northern Iraq, after the town was freed from IS fighters. Sat, 28 Nov 2015 17:36:49 GMT

VIDEO: Is there a 'hidden chamber' in King Tut's tomb?
The BBC's Orla Guerin reports from King Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor in Egypt as speculation mounts about a hidden chamber inside. Sat, 28 Nov 2015 14:29:39 GMT

'High chance' of chamber in Tut's tomb
Egyptian officials say they now think it is "90% likely" that there is a hidden chamber in King Tutankhamun's tomb. Sat, 28 Nov 2015 11:48:50 GMT

Police die in Egypt drive-by shooting
Four policemen have been killed in a drive-by shooting at a security checkpoint south of Cairo, Egyptian officials say. Sat, 28 Nov 2015 10:28:21 GMT

Canada 'to admit Alan Kurdi relatives'
Relatives of Syrian boy Alan Kurdi, whose drowning off Turkey triggered an international outcry, are to be admitted to Canada, his aunt says. Sat, 28 Nov 2015 02:20:46 GMT

Syria war: Attacks fuel search for solution
How rash of attacks fuel search for solution in Syria Sat, 28 Nov 2015 00:56:12 GMT

Amina: Return of a topless rebel
The return of a topless rebel to Muslim Tunisia Sat, 28 Nov 2015 00:48:31 GMT

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