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Bad Credit Loans Directory: Generally speaking it is inadvisable to secure more loans if you are in a situation with bad credit. Typically that means already you are overextended. In such circumstances it typically is better to significantly reduce expenses, such as by cutting back on luxuries, habits like smoking or drinking, electric consumption, food (eating in versus eating out) or switching to a less expensive car. Although those strategies may not always be possible, in a bad personal credit situation it is good to start considering expense reduction as a better strategy to financial freedom and independence.

Of course, we do not review the sites listed in this directory for accuracy, friendliness or safety, so you enter each site at your own risk! However, we hope to provide some resources where you can get information. You should proceed with caution and consider all options before proceeding, and we do not recommend any of these sites, or any other site listed in this directory. Some may be useful for informational purposes, although none are recommended by us.

In the bad credit loan arena, there are different types of loans, like debt consolidation, bad credit auto loans, or bad credit student loans, for example. Also, bad credit debit or credit cards.

You should also be careful of who to deal with for bad credit loans. There may be scams or untrustworthy sources. For example, never send money to anyone who may be lending money to you. So if anyone should demand you "wire" or "post" money in advance of a loan you should be wary. Reputable lenders and loan officers do not request such a payment or insurance in advance. If you want to learn more about a particular lender, you try a local Better Business Bureau or governmental department of consumer affairs. 

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