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Renewable Energy Source: This is the Renewable Energy Directory of All Sites Sorted listing renewable energy sites and Internet renewable energy sources. Follow the links at the end of this article for sub-categories listing source sites focused on renewable energy and power and alternative energy technologies.

Renewable Energy Online Directory - Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Hydropower, Hybrids
Renewable Energy - solar, wind, hydropower, biomass.

As this renewable energy source directory has grown, we have decided to use this reputation for quality to help promote and attract visitors to websites focusing on important issues. In this case, that is renewable and alternative energy and power technologies. Why is renewable energy important? Many reasons, among which are the need to develop clean, safe forms of energy, not dependent on unreliable sources, such as the present situation with crude oil. Renewable energy, generally provides a cleaner, and safer alternative to oil. The developments have been remarkable in renewable energy and power supply. For example, wind power now is a leading renewable energy source of electric power production, including in California, Germany, Spain and Denmark, providing electricity to tens of millions of homes. Alternative energy also includes new technological developments in engines, such as mixed electric vehicles like hybrid cars, and fuel cell driven vehicles and machinery, reducing oil dependency while increasing the quality of life.

As for the environment, many renewable and alternative energy sources produce lower levels of environmental pollutants – a further renewable energy sites benefit. Likewise there are theories that reduction of so-called “greenhouse gasses” via renewable energy and alternative energy resources can have positive benefits on climate change.

Uses of traditional forms of renewable energy, such as wind power, hydro power and solar energy have been known throughout human history. More recently such energy sources have been made economically viable by technological advances – diversifying energy supply, and improving efficiency of consumption, such as via hybrid engine technology. During recent years, the mass production of electricity using renewable energy has been undertaken, addressing the threats of crude oil depletion and supply uncertainty, political risks of oil importation, pollution and climate change theories.

Renewable energy is considered to involve sources that are naturally re-supplied, such as solar energy and power sites, tidal energy, wind electric generation, geothermal energy, hydroelectric power and biofuels like biodiesel. You will find a renewable energy source and directories of online resources for these renewable energy supplies following the links below.

Alternative energy is broader, including other sources of energy that are not necessarily renewable, but reflect advances enabling reduction of pollution and oil dependency. Examples of these new technologies are fuel cells, generating electricity using hydrogen, hybrid cars and hybrid vehicles – generating electricity to power the car using the momentum of braking, and synthetic crude or oil sands extraction. You will find a renewable energy directory of online resources for such alternative renewable energy sites and technologies by following the links below.

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