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Check website Backlinks easily with this check Backlinks checker tool.  The backlinks checker also checks the Google PageRank of the backlinks found based on data from Google.  The page rank provided can vary depending on the server checked. In addition, not all backlinks are found by the backlink checker.  So this tool is to provide some information, but not complete information on the backlinks of a website. Different search engines also determine backlinks differently.  For example, Google may report a lower number for the number of backlinks of a website, whereas MSN or Yahoo! or Ask or another search engine all could report higheror lower numbers.  Moreover, the backlinks reported by a particular search engine can vary from day to day, sometimes very widely. These variations can be disconcerting for some web based businesses tracking their backlinks.

We recommend checking backlinks frequently using this tool - because of the natural variations reported. Then, take averages over time to getthe best understanding of the backlink growth for any particular web business.

For better results, also try entering the URL with "www" and then without "www". For example:

1. In the box, enter the exact address of the website for which you want to check the BackLinks (

2. Click the "Check!" button.

The display will show the Backlinks found for the particular web page and in addition it will show the Google - reported PageRank forthe particular page. The Backlinks can vary widely, as can the PageRank reported for a particular backlink, and also may vary depending on the form of the web address used.

Your domain:
 (eg. or


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Backlinks refer to web locations that link in some fashion back to another web page. In other words, they are incoming or inbound links back to a website. Backlinks are considered a factor used by some search engines, such as Google in determining the relevance or weight to be given to a particular web page. The number of backlinks is one of the factors used as an indication of the popularity, relevance or importance of the website. However, in addition to the number of backlinks, the quality of the particular links also is considered of great importance. For example, a backlink from a web page having a pagerank rating of "4" is considered more valuable than a backlink from an unlinked website or a lower pagerank website. Backlinks from link farms also are generally discounted.

The PageRank algorithm of Google is known to consider the number and quality of the backlinks or incoming links to a particular website to be of particular importance in determining a websites PageRank. Search engines will report the backlinks if asked. Google is known to report a subset of the backlinks, and that frequently explains why other search engines, like MSN and Yahoo could report different backlinks numbers when using a backlinks checker.


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