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Check Google PageRank easily with this Google PageRank check, checker tool. The calculator determines Google PageRank based on data from Google PageRank servers. The page rank provided can vary depending on the URL form used. For most accurate results, enter URL with "www" and then without "www". For example:

1. In the box, enter the exact address of the website for which you want to check the PageRank (

2. Click the "Check!" button.

The display will show the PageRank of the entered web page for multiple Google servers. The PageRank may vary from server to server, and also may vary depending on the URL.

Your domain:
 (eg. or


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PageRank refers to an algorithm applied by Google to rank the relevance of a website page. Originally page rank was developed as an algorithm at Stanford University by Larry Page (after whom the term "PageRank" was coined) and Sergey Brin. PageRank was a part of a project to develop a new search engine technique. Eventually this PageRank project became the Google search engine system as they left the University and founded the company that eventually became the Google we know today.

The Google PageRank algorithm has been further developed to the point it bears only passing resemblance to the algorithm developed in the university. The Page rank calculated by Google serves as a useful web tool to check for webmasters developing web sites and seeking search engine optimization (SEO) for web pages. The PageRank checker tool provided here is useful to check PageRank for SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) analyses alike. PageRank is a trademark of the Google Corporation and Stanford University has a patent with claims applicable to Page rank calculators. In effect, the PageRank calculator relies on links, content and relevance to calculate a relative relevance of a particular web page. Other proprietary factors also may be considered in the PageRank calculator. Use the tools provided here to check PageRank easily.

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