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Welcome to the All Sites Sorted Directory: This is the web directory submit page for directory submission in our directory. With 300 categories suitable for web marketing solutions from business to personal finance, from real estate to resorts, from shoes to student loans - this directory provides a valuable resource for both users and for Internet advertising and web marketing. Learn about and compare Web Hosting Sites and domain registration sites too.

All Sites Sorted provides valuable and free tools for web marketing, and Internet marketing solutions - providing web directory submission and inclusion free of charge for sites and submissions meeting our guidelines, valuable free internet marketing tools. This is the web directory submit / submission page. The web site submissions listings are human considered for good quality descriptions, accurate category selection, use of official site names, and for websites containing real, and good quality content. Those are the submissions most suitable for Internet marketing purposes, and to maintain the high quality of this directory. Remember to select the correct SUB-category in your submission. For example, the business directory includes sites for business, like manufacturing, marketing and real estate while the personal finance directory includes sub-categories for personal use, like mortgages, auto insurance, student loans and so on. Also remember to use the official site name for the title. The submission process helps to weed down sites not meeting our criteria.

Our philosophy is to provide a searchable sorted website directory that is fun and enjoyable for our users and Internet marketing - providing a web directory that includes a searchable human edited index, and enabling context relevant searching of the websites that are listed in the directory via this web directory submit / submission process. The goal is to provide and Internet web page directory giving users a content relevant searching experience in the listed websites and to provide a fun useful web marketing and internet marketing solution for webmasters or web hosting users. So take some time to consider our directory submission guidelines before submitting your sites and increase the speed of consideration, and potential for being listed. All Sites Sorted - providing valuable directory listings, and free internet marketing tools and web advertising solutions.

Submission Instructions

  • Our goal is to create a valuable web community for users, website businesses and web or internet marketing and advertising, and keep this website free! So, please follow these simple rules and our submission guidelines.
    (i) Content-rich, quality sites only, with real content.
    (ii) Be careful and select correct SUB-category. Wrong web directory categories and top or main categories rejected.
    (iii) Accuracy: check spelling, don't use sales words like best, most, cheapest, deals etc.
    (iv) No parmaceutical, adult, MFA, or illegal content sites.
    (v) Use official site name in title. Do not use title to keyword stuff. If you want to advertise for web marketing purposes, contact us about ad placements.
    (v) Have fun!


  Regular     Free - 2-3 month review.

Free - ONLY PR3+ sites and category-relevant - 7-21 day review.

Official Site Name:

Official Name Only
  • We only accept the official site name in our Regular submissions. For example, "CNN" not "TV News Website".

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    Main Site URL Only
  • Main Page Only. No Subdomains, No Subdirectories.

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    Sub-Categories Only


             Remaining:    Minimum: 100
  • Be clear and use good grammar
  • Use proper capitalization
  • In Free Regular listings, No Sales Words - Do not use:
           Cheap, low price, discount, sale, sell, quality,
           best, top, largest, expert, guarantee
  • In Free Regular listings, Do Not Use: "You" or "Your", instead try "users", "visitors"
  • In Free Regular listings, Do Not Use: "We" or "Our", instead try "find", "this website"
  • No Repeats

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  • Only PR3+ pages.
  • Use either home page, or a reciprocal page with PR3+ and fewer than 10 other links.
  • Reciprocal link page must be highly content-relevant to the category submitted.
  • Broken reciprocal links will result in deletion of your site from directory.

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